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Plans for 2017

10/02/2017 21:53
There are two projects in store for the beginning of 2017: (1) I plan to participate in the open air art market five Sundays in the arts district and (2) I would like to finally launch XPo du Jour, a modern and contemporary art newsletter. The latter will be in pdf format and downloaded...

Signs and Wonders at the Gardanne Municipal Library

03/12/2014 16:41
Michael Aliix, founder of Xposart, will present a lecture on introductory semiotics that explains how this interdisciplinary type of social science analysis applies to painting and literature. The presentation will take place on December 6, 2014, at 3 P.M., at the...

Three conferences on painting in Gardanne in 2012

11/04/2013 15:45
We prepared and gave three conferences on understanding painting where we sought to focus on the transition from one way of painting to another -- with emphasis on the transitional dynamic. The first conference explored the passage from antique/medieval painting to that of the...

Homage to Aimé Césaire (Wall Depictions on Paper) at the Leo Lagrange Gymnasium in Gardanne on November 20 2011)

26/01/2012 16:28
The event was Children's Rights Day and the theme an homage to Aimé Césaire -- Carribean (Martinique) poet and politician, recently deceased. The mural I was planning for the walls of the Leo Lagrange Gymnasium in Gardanne failed to some extent. I was expecting to create a wall size...

Direct Communication (Consolat Event) on October 8 and 9 2011

04/11/2011 14:27
The Consolat event was a experiment in the direct communication of artworks on paper, posting of art during two days and one night on the walls of the buildings on two side streets of downtown Marseilles. Of the 26 drawings posted, 18 were left unperturbed, 8 were taken, fell, or were literally...

Projects for Summer and Fall 2011

01/10/2011 16:45
Project for a mural (painted on paper) for presentation on "La journée des droits de l'enfant" (Children's Rights Day) at Gardanne. I plan a display that merges with the architecture of the work area (a large gym). The subject will be the slavery that took place...

Introduction à la Repeinture (French Version) (Scroll down for English version)

01/07/2011 16:26
Par Michel René Alix Pourquoi ajouter de la peinture quand on peut l’enlever ? Pourquoi partir de zéro comme un apprenti sorcier quand on peut rassembler couche sur couche comme le fait ce bon vieillard, le Temps ? La Repeinture (un genre de mon invention) implique aller la découverte de...

Results of Xposart's Annual Meeting

31/03/2011 16:12
The following deliberations were conducted and decisions taken on March 25. The board will be made up of the following officers: Michel Alix (president), Jean Alix (treasurer) and a secretary. We will seek to amplify our activities, enroll new artists, and form practical...


24/03/2011 17:06
This website is a place to show recent paintings and articles

An Introduction to Re-Painting

21/03/2011 16:42
 Why add paint when you can remove it? Why start from scratch like an apprentice sorcerer when you can add an accretion, layer upon layer like Old Man Time. The principle behind re-painting is to discover the individuality of a form (or a contrast, or any other aesthetic element or concept)...

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